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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone here is a list of Ideas I had Some are from my Old posts but might as well repost Farming guild in Zeah, for Tree patches, herb and allotment patches (as a possible high level farming zone) Adding Coal bag to stardust mining shop Add Prospector gear to Stardust mining shop(give Bonus exp or possibly bonus ores per rock) Also add farming contracts or just adding Farmer's gear from Tithe farming. Make certain skills such as Crafting more profitable (By making amulets sell to gen store AS of RN prices are 398gp for sapphire, 618 for emerald, 1080 for ruby, 1898 for diamond, 52,461 for Dragonstones.Would be nice to have like 5k for sapphire, 10k emerald, 20k ruby, 30k diamond, 100k Dragonstone.) Add Hunter Skilling pet- Golden Chinchompa Adding OSRS Deep Wildy chaos altar Noted Bone prayer training location (like OSRS) Adding Skilling contracts + Skilling Points Store Adding Red spider eggs to herblore shop This ones a stretch but i think it'd be neat, making a random event somewhat like the star or evil tree but for fishing. I was thinking like a minnow pool spawn and a shop where you can spend minnows in order to buy Angler Gear for a fishing exp boost. Here's a photo of the minnow location in the fishing guild on osrs.Maybe making them spawn every 30-45 minutes Witch-Doctor outfit as a Herblore skilling outfit for bonus exp/fashionscape I'll Add more as I think of them. Let me know what you all think! Thanks for checking my ideas out!
  2. A ZONE FOR MAXED OUT SKILLERS For the people that love skilling but don't want to go past that Level 3 Mark, makes it only fair that they get one just like max players would. and also a max skilling Cape for skillers since they cant get max cape?
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