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Found 2 results

  1. So.... It took some attempts, but I managed to get it in the end. It is definitely do-able
  2. Simplicity update (18/08/2019) The Theatre of Blood has officially opened its doors, inside you will face the most evil and hardest boss in Simplicity. Moving on we have a new Event boss, located in the wilderness. A new AFK-Zone, located at '::afkzone'. A new highly exclusive OP high tier weapon and much more! Content - Added Theatre of Blood also known as Raids II. Go there by using the command '::tob'. - Added Sanguinesti Staff X (Highly Exclusive). - Added Verzik's Cape (20% drop rate boost in the Theatre of Blood). - Added the creation of Verzik's Cape. Disk of returning + Sinhaza shroud tier 5 - Added the creation of Scythe of Vitur X. Verzik's Crystal Shard + 2 Scythe of Vitur's - Added Raids mystery box. - Added a Pet-Tradesman to trade your duplicate pets in for a dragonkin lamp. - Added a new client background. - Added Player owned shop history. - Added both looting bag interfaces. - Added Dawnbringer for Theatre of Blood. - Added theatre of blood teleport to interface - Added cleaner server messages and notifications. - Added a command to teleport to the shops '::shops'. - Added a new interface for Player owned shop history tab. - Added a tutorial for everyone to learn some useful things about Simplicity. - Added functionality for antipoison++ potions - They protect you from poison for 12 minutes. - Added a ::location command to help identify the issue where you can't teleport out of instances. - Added the new AFK-zone located at '::afkzone' where you can have a maximum of 1 account afking. The beta-team trying to defeat Verzik Vitur. Fixes - Fixed the blocked tile in front of max at ::home2 - Fixed flamebust defender model in the new cache. - Fixed dungeoneering skill icon being a X icon on XP orb. - Fixed bug with walking around invisible objects at '::home2'. - Fixed the hydra door putting you in the wall when you click it. - Fixed a bug where you couldn't walk on some tiles at varrock. - Fixed admins/owners/developers not being able to do '::pnpc'. - Fixed not being able to close the construction builder interface. - Fixed XP orb drawing over interfaces. It now draws under them. - Fixed the dungeoneering skill orb showing a X instead of the skill. - Fixed X amount buying/withdrawing random amounts in player owned shops. - Fixed dark sacred clay armour set not giving a HP boost when using soulsplit. - Fixed the double right click options on the 1000m note (examine, use, cancel). - Fixed ground item names showing @red@ etc instead of changing the color of the item. - Fixed a bug with Abyssal demon slayer and the teleport now brings you to the right spot. - Fixed clicking achievements being off (recoded the way it gets the achievement you click). - Fixed </col> displaying in the craws bow message that tells you how many charges are left. - Fixed the evil tree message in player panel not going to N/A when it has been chopped down. - Fixed "user has requested to trade with you" message being buggy when ::toggletime is enabled. - Fixed a bug where antipoison+ pot(3) would make you immune for 50 seconds instead of 650 seconds. - Fixed the inventory interface in player owned shops being buggy and showing items in random locations. - Fixed bug where the defeat jad achievement would randomly get replaced with the make a spirit shield achievement. - Fixed a bug where you would progress on the deal hard damage using magic achievement, then go do the steal 5000 scimitars achievement. This would allow you to complete the achievement without actually stealing 5000 scimitars. POS history Others - Applied a fix for POS lagging when opening it. - Make a spirit shield achievement is now an elite achievement - The website is updated with a new professionally made design. - Antipoison+ potions now will protect you from poison for 6 minutes. - Arcane & spectral spirit shields no longer give the effects of divine spirit shield - Inferno can no longer deal damage to you unless you are in the inferno minigame. - New donation deals are available now, highly exclusive and very limited. More information at '::VDEALS'. - Reworked elysian spirit shield passive effect: It now has a 70% chance to block 25% of the damage being dealt to you. - Barrage now has a max damage of 300 (originally was 260) and blitz now has a max damage of 260 (originally was 269). The new Simplicity homepage. Special Thanks to Kevin and the Beta Team for testing! Thank you! - Arthur, Supreme & Development Team.


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