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  1. Hi everyone, Here is the update log, please close your client and relaunch the client to see all the latest updates. - Vorkath cape added (Custom), This has better stats than any other cape in Simplicity. It can be created by merging Vorkath's stuffed head + Gracefull cape. The Vorkath cape has a 20% drop rate advantage that only works on vorkath. And it has a nice operate option that will make your character do a nice emote! The Stuffed head is in the drop table of Vorkath. - New drops available, the 100% cash drop also increased to 500K, check it out with ::finddrop vorkath command. - Fixed issue with pre-sets, it should be working without any bugs now. Go to the bank and right click to use pre-sets. - Some edits for the Extended message length (to make it easier to talk in yell chat & more). - Magic trees at rogues castle fix (can not be cut down from the other side of the wall). - Model fixes for Master capes (coming soon). - Fixed Christmas mystery box. - Use the ::superdeals command to see the HOTTEST Exclusive deals that are available. - Slayer duo fix, it is possible again to do duo slayer! - Burnt anglerfish fix, this was an issue in the wilderness resource area. - Fix for admins and higher to check players bank. - Fix with moneypouch. - Iron man & Ultimate iron man can now have all the donator benefits. - Donator benefits fixed for all rights, staff or not. This was a fix that was needed for a very long time. - Command added for discount deals! ::discount - Some edits with the Revenant monsters in the revenant cave. - Model fixes for ankou set. - Stardust shop fixed and items being added back in on update. - Xmass AFK tree will now respawn at 3 different coords around edgeville every 6 hours! Hohoho Thank you, Arthur & Simplicity team
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