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Simplicity Update Log 20/06/2019

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Kevin    154

We are excited to welcome Jonny & Leviticus to the development team! :)

We now have 3 dedicated developers on our team to add a lot more content and move things much faster!

Hope you guys enjoy this update and we appreciate all the support you guys have given us.


New Content
• Added a new monster and a new zone for Crystal Donators.
• Added all boss events to the new command (::events).
• Added a 50B XP master item that turns you into a rare NPC.

• Added TEKTON event boss (Spawns ever 3 hours and drops to 10 players).
• Added Tekton pet, Tektiny. 
• Added blood money to now give a minimum of 100, maximum of 225. (based on combat level)

• Added a notification to let staff know if a player is in their home (for teleto / teletome cmd).
• Added a utility world message for box messages so that can be blocked easily.
• Added a Wilderness Chest at level 23 wilderness with a lot of nice rewards. 
• Added new monsters in the wilderness, Skeletal Mystic.
• Added Wilderness Key to the droptable of Skeletal Mystic.
• Added Mystery Box and Legendary Mystery Box to ::togglealert blacklist.
• Added ::redeembloodmoney command for the pkp conversion.
• Added a restriction with chatbox popup for the afk money making methods.
• Added ::findmonster clue scroll (elite).
• Added bonus milestones to the well of goodwill.
• Added more Porazdir spawns to Onyx Hall.
• Added more drops to Dawn.
• Added missing clue scroll items to clue scrolls reward list.
• Added Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes.
• Added the creation of Corporeal Beast & Hydra bossing capes with drops from the bosses.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed cows hidden prize reward.
• Fixed the find drop command for Ankou.
• Fixed Raids bug where a player should not swap with a player that gets killed.

• Fixed a bug with Boss Event Timers and created a smooth events interface command.
• Fixed adding to fire option in rouges area.
• Fixed a bug where Raids second loot displays the wrong amount.
• Fixed a bug with restore special attack potion.

• Fixed Level 14 wilderness elite clue spot.
• Fixed a bug so that you can't use superior pets in the wilderness anymore.
• Fixed Nex double drop for diamond donator+.
• Fixed a bug related to donation scrolls.
• Fixed a bug related to ignored players yells and PMs.
• Fixed a bug where you can't use cannon in jail anymore.
• Fixed extended distance on General Graandor's melee distance.

• Fixed decreased freezing after thawing from 3.33 ticks to 2.
• Fixed bugs for NPC movement.

• Fixed bugs for Alchemical Hydra.
• Fixed bugs for Hydra's fire wall.
• Fixed a bug for fury and ranger boots to drop noted items for event bosses.
• Fixed a bug with dark sled.
• Fixed some clue scroll items not being wearable.
• Fixed a bug with the Cerberus boss map.
• Fixed a bug with donator rank hierarchy.

Other changes
• Upgraded the Well of Goodwill.

• Increased the Well of Goodwill limit.
• All teleports are now in alphabetical order.
• Made changes to the ::well command to display the upgrades.

• Fletching logs now has a 'Make X' option.
• Crafting dragonhide parts now has a 'Make X' and 'Make All' option.
• Superior Scroll now works with Zuk and Vorkath pets.
• You can no longer attack cows when the event isn't live.

• Overloads can now be noted.
• Tarn boss now gives boss points.

• Tome of frost now lights up spells as if you have water runes in your inventory.
• You can now use the ::zulrah command from the instance, only once it's dead.
• Updated server announcements to be more current.
• People with superior pets or overpowered weapons are now forced out of the wilderness.
• Donator zone altar now wipes poison and venom.
• Serpentine helm now blocks venom.

• Bank command is no longer case sensitive.
• New exclusive SUMMER donation deals added ::summerdeals. 

        ~ Thanks for your support ~
        ~ Arthur, Supreme & Development Team ~

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Tenogard    2

I would like to thank you all for your hard work and great job on this new exciting update! A big well done and a big thank you for listening to our suggestions! You guys rock! <3 #SIMPGANG

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