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Well of Goodwill System Upgrades

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Athos    11
Posted (edited)

Well of Goodwill

The new well is holding a max of 1,250,000,000 gp and the benefits can be up for 5 stages (increments of 250m) and will be active for 2 hours then needs to be refilled.

You can check the well's current status by investigating the Well of Goodwill at home or by just typing ::well


1/5 - 30% Bonus XP (active to all skills and works with dragonkin lamps)

2/5 - X2 Slayer Points when finishing tasks

3/5 - X2 Blood Money when PvPing or killing bosses/npcs in the Wilderness

4/5 - X2 Vote points on claiming vote scrolls (can be tracked from the player panel)


5/5 - X2 Experience and Pest Control Points (::pc to teleport to the minigame)




Hope this guide helps you towards deciding how much you want to contribute

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Nice one mate! 

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