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ToB Guide

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sean4755    6

Simplicity ToB

**Note this is a guide intented for group play. This will still work solo but you will need BIS and a lot more skill than I have to write a guide for solo**

What is ToB?

  • Simplicity's Version of Theatre of Blood consists only of the last boss: Verzik Vitur (level-1040) in the OSRS version of ToB he is the final boss of the raid. The raid consists of Three Phases of Verzik Vitur

Phase One - "The Pillar Phase"


Phase Two - "Don't touch the spiders"


Phase Three - "Now he's a spider"





I've never needed anything more than this and often finish ToB with the majority of my supplies left.


All Gear shown below is BIS and would be the best case if you want to min-max your time on ToB. Gear can be replaced accordingly for more info on how the gear progression system works within SimplicityRSPS Please check out ::thread 1112. 








The Actual Guide Part :ph34r:#


  • Before you even enter the Raid Overload and rocktail up to 162 hp then enter the raid
  • **I've been told hp max is dependent on what gear set you are using. In my case i was using pernix + tbow in this example **

Phase One - "The Pillar Phase"

Range - Pray Mage the whole time


  • In this phase, you want to hide behind the pillar then shoot verzik in a 1:1 pattern. Hide - Shoot - Hide - Shoot
  • This is as simple as it is. Make sure to not go too fast otherwise verzik will hit you for a fatal amount. If the pillar collapses you need to run to the opposite pillar on the room. So in this instance, I would run to the west pillar.

Melee - Pray SS


  • As long as you are in Torva + regular SoV  or better you will be safe to stand in the white zone and just melee him down. Soulsplit should keep you alive. However, if you do tank one of verziks hits rocktail up to 162 hp again so he can't one shot you.


Phase Two - "Don't touch the spiders" 

** We're still debating if melee should change to protect mage or keep on SS at this point. Due to the mechanics from this point on being pretty much a one shot "


  • Phase Two is where Verzik starts to get pretty challenging and took the life of Arthur more times than he would like to admit. 
  • Verzik gets off his throne and starts flying around the room. It's best to agree with your team which was you are going to rotate around the room. The easiest is to just go clockwise. 
  • For range on this stage, the best is to just hit and run. While maintaining the clockwise rotation around the room. 
  • For melee on this stage, good luck. Hit and run is the best option for you guys too. 
  • After a short amount of time verzik will spawn spiders.


  • The Purple Spiders can be ignored - They heal verzik after a certain amount of time but if you have a group with decent gear verzik can easily be out dps'ed 
  • The Green Spiders all I can say is run - They aren't worth trying to kill just run around them and for the love of god do your team a favour and don't walk into one of them. They are a guaranteed one-shot even if you are at 162 hp (Ask Arthur about this one :)
Phase Three - "Now he's a spider"
  • Phase three is pretty much the same as phase two. Verzik can spawn its lovely spiders again. But hitting and running is still the best option to kill her. 
Well if you managed to get this far. Well done you're either pretty good at the game or got carried like me. Let's hope you managed to hit some of these lovely drops.  
Drop Tables
To find drops from verzik in the game do ::getdrop verzik
or if your lazy click this link
Thanks to lewis for being a lovely model in all these photos. If anyone has anything to add or correct me on make sure to just drop me a message.
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2incher    28

Awesome job Sean tyvm for putting this together :)

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Lewis    9

very nice guide sean alot of people will find this one helpful

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Ruhbeartoe    21

Wow you put this one together rather quickly comparing to how long the update has been out, Nice work man

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dude this is the hardest one yall made yet. what a challenge. awesome job fellas yall rock

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Mandi    0

great guide thanks for making :)

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