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Achievements tab, Looting bag, Client settings & More!

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Blake    2





Hello, my name is jQrWBxE.png Blake, I'm the lead developer of Simplicity and this is my first ever post and first ever update log here, despite the fact that I've been around for ages and developing the server in the background. :P In today's update we focused on fixing what's broken, improving the looks and ease of access. Keep in mind that some of the missing features from the settings tab are still being worked on.





3d65f750f1e70f0624be24742662c452.pngAdded Looting bag.
Added "One Year Box" to celebrate 1 year of Simplicity!
Added 5 new recolors of Vitur XI's






Set the proper window size for when switching to resizable.
Fixed the field of vision for resizable screen mode.
Fixed a client crash caused by animations

Verzik Vitur:

  • Fixed the walking up for the Verzik Vitur's entrance object.
  • Animated the pillar collapsing in Verzik Vitur.
  • Corrected the minion's stats in Verzik Vitur
  • Fixed a bug with the animations of Verzik Vitur.
  • Increased the time after the dialogue before she starts attacking you.
  • Fixed a safe spot near the fence.
  • Verzik's cape now correctly boosts the drop rate.

Fixed the saving & loading of client settings (they should no longer reset).
Fixed a bug where it would not allow to store more items in POS.
Fixed Mahogany fancy dress box's experience gain (used to be less than Oak).
Fixed the location of the south Falador shooting star (used to be Catherby).
Active interfaces are now closed upon entering Inferno.




The "Mystery box discount" alert was removed.
Only staff+ can now pull the ::dropparty lever.
Designed a system for better handling of instanced areas.

We have updated our rules



Development Team

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bigzy    2

Awesome updates, glad to see you out of the shadows :) 


Big love-


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2incher    28

Likin the updated interfaces! Thanks Blake

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Ruhbeartoe    21

Can't wait to see some of them colored scythes ingame :)

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