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Bonus Event, Broadcasts, Light Twisted Bow & Fixes!

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Blake    20







Added 'Bonus Event' Orb:


The Orb fill is increased whenever someone claims a donation.
The orb will be activated upon reaching $1000 and will be active for 1 hour.


Bonus Event perks:
- 2 x Boss points
- 2 x Trivia points
- 2 x Vote points
- 1.5 x Slayer points
- 2.5 X bonus XP
- Unlimited prayer
- 60 Pest Control points per game
- 10% drop rate increase on Great Olm & Verzik Vitur.
- 15 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds
- No kill count required to enter Godwars Dungeon
- 25k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls
- 1/3 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast
- 1/3 chance of their casket not deleting when opened
- 1/3 chance of their crystal key not deleting when opening the chest

These boxes are added to the party chest once the orb is filled:
2 x Emerald Mystery Box
3 x Sapphire Mystery Box
4 x Superior Box
5 x One Year Box
10 x Raids Box
25 x Elite Archery Box
25 x Elite Warrior Box
25 x Elite Wizard Box

NEW: Light Twisted Bow:


(Combined using: Orb of light + Twisted bow + Fire Twisted Bow)
Orb of light added to the Great Olm droptable.

Added a broadcast system:


Added a Magic chest at home near the Well:
(Can be opened using magic knife + green banana)


Modified Hitmarks Font:


Added ::westerfish and ::herbs commands.
Wearing Light twisted bow now yields unlimited Rigour prayer.
Looting bag added to the slayer store.

Orb of light has been added to the Great olm droptable.
Overload drinking animation has been modified.
Overload flask has been added to the game.





Fixed a bug with Evil tree despawning.
Fixed a small bug with Theatre of Blood parties.
Fixed Dark sacred clay effects & HP cap.
Master herblore cape now checks for the proper skill in order to equip.
Last Withdraw X input in bank is now saved.
Fixed the safespots in Theatre of Blood.
Fixed transparency issues with some of the rank images.
Changed the font of hitmarks drawing.
Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn't close drop logs.
Punishment time can now be specified for ::ipmute.

Tournament Interface Implemented.
Client zoom updates in full screen mode.
Client crash prevention during animations.
Settings interface rework.
New sprites handler for smaller cache size and faster loading.
Added new maps and zones for the next update.
Added new tournament system (under development) for the next update.


Fixed/Added 09/24/2019

Fixed player getting stuck logged in
Fixed client crashing while moving items to new tab
Added overload flask drops



Development Team

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Fastneasy    28

Great Updates!, no offense but that $1000 donation just to activate the orb... doesn't it seem kind of steep for additional benefits only for a certain period of time?

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Blake    20
13 hours ago, Fastneasy said:

Great Updates!, no offense but that $1000 donation just to activate the orb... doesn't it seem kind of steep for additional benefits only for a certain period of time?

It's a nice perk for non-donators so everyone can have a taste of donator benefits. Better than nothing, right?

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Fastneasy    28

I think we've moved passed the "better than nothing" case, don't get me wrong I appreciate everything you are doing, but some things doesn't make sense to me...

Such as what's the point in overload flasks being a rare drop for npc's? (1/320) you can buy overloads in donator item shop? Is it a way to make it more difficult for individuals to get drops from those specific npc's? Also wouldn't you want people to go kill certain npcs in the wilderness (skeletal mystic, and scorpia) more, by potentially increasing drop rate in the wilderness to make it more active? (Just feel like more thought should have went in/ into cases like this)

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