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Wilderness Update

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Reggiemate    1

Possibly add an area like at mage bank arena or something where you can go and get items 1/60 that you can sell to the shop for 15m or 20m or so. Just to make an area that people can go to pvm and make gains, afk even. Make the area agro but enough time for pkers to clap em if they want.

Maybe make like a totem like osrs bounty hunter totems or rev totems that you upgrade as you go along, For example; Level 1 totem choose to sell for blood money or coins for example 2.5k blood money for level 1 or 10m coins. Level 2 6k blood money and 20m coins. Something along the lines of that. Create it so that after 100-200kc it upgrades automatically or have a 1\600 chance every kill for it to upgrade. a level 10 for example could be 50k blood money and 150m coins.

Add a random drop of 5m-10m worth items like infinity gear or something. Also another rare drop of 1/900 of an occult necklace that sells in the general store for 30m or so, it could have a +15 mage strength or something to 1 up the top necklace for magic to bring it to bis mage to influence people to actually kill them.

Just to create an area in the wildy thats worthwhile being at that isnt Skeletal Mystics.

Thankyou for your time.

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Arthur    198
On 9/29/2019 at 7:26 PM, i pk whip i said:

fully agree with this wilderness needs hard rework!


We are working on it! :)

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