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Summoning specials, Combat tweaks & Lots of fixes!

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Arthur    63


Small update full of fixes and new content. Thank you for playing Simplicity! A LOT more to come. So stay tuned! :)

- Added new interfaces to support familiar special button.
- Added summoning specials:
    - Wolpertinger
    - Wartoise
    - Unicorn Stallion
    - Granite Crab
    - More specials such as Steel titan & others will be available on next update!
- Added animation + graphics for item combining for certain items such as Turqouse slayer helm, Verzik's cape and more.
- Added sacred clay gear to the wilderness overpowerd item list.
- Added a new method to fix a lot of combat related bonus hits.

- Fixed a bug with PK titles.
- Fixed several bugs with Trivia messages.
- Fixed one issue with shop item information.
- Fixed a PvP achievement bug.
- Fixed overheads disabled for FFA.
- Fixed a bug with Corporeal boss instance.
- Fixed the command rights for broadcasting messages.
- Fixed a bug with the achievement harvest 1K torstols.
- Fixed a bug with Galvek boss not dropping blood money.
- Fixed a bug with rune pouch not emptying the pouch.
- Fixed a bug with superior pets and prayer overheads.
- Fixed a bug with Chaos elemental boss.
- Fixed a bug with Vorkath boss.
- Fixed a bug with auto-casting.
- Fixed a bug with item requirements for master capes.
- Fixed a bug with noted drops.
- Fixed a bug with the star landing at Falador patches (Farming teleport).
- Fixed a bug with POS shop being too full and not being able to add more items.
- Fixed a bug with Vorkath's vine whip.
- Fixed a bug with Theatre of blood maps.
- Fixed a bug with multi limite split coloring.
- Fixed some major bugs with withdrawing from bank & creating new bank tabs.
- Fixed a bug with Bonus event hour orb. Now it fully extends until the 60 minutes are over.
- Fixed a lot of bonus stats regarding "banned weapons" and certain gear such as Torva and Justiciar.
- Fixed the overpowered special attacks of Blowpipe, Vesta's longsword, Dragon dagger, Abyssal vine whip and more.
- Fixed most of the wrongly added bonus stats of all the middle tier and high tier amulets.

- Disabled the ::pos command for anyone that gets jailed.
- Removed & added certain boxes from the drop party room bonus event.
- Added new server messages.
- Added new server icons.

Thank you,

Development Team

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nice (:

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bigzy    2

Awesome + quick fixes - Cheers dev team!

Your work is much appreciated.


Big love-

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Sophie    0

sweet :D

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Mandi    0

great work :)

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swe monkey    0

Nice work!

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Father    0

Amazing new update! :D keep up the good work guys

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Athos    13

Great work from all of the team members, Much appreciated :x 

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Relax    5

Awesome work! Thanks!

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