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GamePlay Improvements

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Posted (edited)

Hey everyone I've been thinking about ways to make simplicity more enjoyable for all types of players and I have come up with a few ideas.

First we need celestial to be 139hp I have suggested this for so long and it just hasn't happened so I am bringing it up again. Magic is so underused in the game, TOB was supposed to make it usable again, but with the hp you just get one hit nearly every run.

Second I believe we should make sang staff and sovx able to be upgraded in the well with a 1/10 drop rate. I do not want the rate to be super good or anything but i just see the price of these items crashing. Sang staff in particular is less than a tbow at this time which is insane to me.

Third we have too many $ scrolls coming into the game with all of these orb drop parties and donor benefits. I love the whole $1000 orb light up aspect I just think it is crashing the prices of boxes as there are so many, which leads to an excess of donator scrolls into the game. 

Fourth I think that crystal zone needs a bit of a rework. The fact that porazdir is still the most profitable thing to kill is really demotivating as I can kill that with onyx rank. I love having a few extra bosses like lizardman and dawn but they literally are a bit less profitable than the ohall boss. The stone guardians in Risen's area really need some love as they drop crap and no one uses them. Maybe add a cool box or ring of bosses to their drop table? 

Lastly, Pking needs some love and attention. There are some combat bugs that need to be looked at, and the items in the wild that are banned really need to be taken a look at. If we can make pking fun and viable, then I think our server would grow exponentially as any type of rsps player would potentially be interested in joining the server. Maybe make an easy way to regear fast to run back out there and continue pking.

Thanks for your time guys, 

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+1 i agree with it all! LOVE YOU NOOBVILLE

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bigzy    2

Love all of the suggestions, will be brought up in the next meeting for sure.


Big love,


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whubwhub    0

+1 agree with all of your points. great suggestions.

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Relax    5

Great Ideas 1+

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pking needs allot of love x) 

great suggestions tho!

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+1 will support!

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