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Daily Tasks

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spud    10

Daily Tasks

  • basically what i was thinking was having daily pvm/skilling tasks where you'd be rewarded with points to a shop with generic items such as:
  • mystery boxes up to diamond
  • new cosmetics for skillers
  • Rest can be figured out later on if this shows interest i have tons of ideas.
  • As it goes for the tasks make them sort of run in line with achievements such as:
  • make 200 rune bars
  • make x amount of dart tips
  • make x amount of power amulets
  • fletch x amount of magic longbows
  • runecraft x amount of death runes
  • Again if this shows interest i can make a list up of tasks
  • they can vary on points and difficulty but i would think it could be a nice addition for skillers and newer players.

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Mak3    13

Now these are suggestions I really like!! These would not only give players more things to do, it'll benefit those players who mainly just want to be skillers! These would provide income and enjoyment for skillers! Love it!


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Cash Cow    0

This is also something I can get behind, I'm always looking for something to better the skiller community.

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+1 I support this. Would be a great addition to the server and our community!

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