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Completionist Zone - Verzik Vitur PET - Smoother Combat & MUCH MORE

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supreme    16


Thank you for playing Simplicity! A LOT more to come. So stay tuned! :)

- The Maiden of Sugadinti has been added!

(Completionst player boss event)

- Lil' Zik Pet - Added as drop for Verzik Vitur
- Steel titan now has special attack
    - 30 second spec cool down message
- Completionist orb added at home - must complete all achievements
- Added Ruby & Sapphire boxes as loot from artifacts

(You got a chance of reciving boxes on a PVP kill)

- Donator & Vote store updated
- Special restore altar added to home

- Amulet of fury bug fix
- New sprites for some server messages
- Lunar spellbook sprite fix (Runes required box)
- Magic combat adjustments
- Fixed overheads disabled for FFA
- Fixed X logging from FFA
- Fixed several equipment bonus stats (To improve combat)
- Thammaron's Scepter & Emerald Rapier have been added to OP weapons and disabled in wilderness
- Getting stuck in FFA bug fixed
- Smoother following while in combat (Should prevent future safespots)
- Fail safe to prevent client errors that make NPC's disappear at home

More to be added to this list when Arthur wakes up!

Thank you,

Development Team

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Athos    13

Liking the new Completionst player boss event and good job on the fixes <3


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Father    0

Beast update, although i do miss the OG ::Home spawn 

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Relax    5

Awesome work guys! It’s great to see constant updates, and more content being added regularly! Thanks for the hard work!

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Riv    1

Pretty nice update! Good job guys.

Hopefully, a lot more people grind for completionist now.

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