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Completionist Zone - Verzik Vitur PET - Smoother Combat & MUCH MORE

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supreme    27


Thank you for playing Simplicity! A LOT more to come. So stay tuned! :)

- The Maiden of Sugadinti has been added!

(Completionst player boss event)

- Lil' Zik Pet - Added as drop for Verzik Vitur

- Steel titan now has special attack
    - 30 second spec cool down message
- Completionist orb added at home - must complete all achievements
- Added Ruby & Sapphire boxes as loot from artifacts

(You got a chance of reciving boxes on a PVP kill)

- Donator & Vote store updated
- Special restore altar added to home

- Amulet of fury bug fix
- New sprites for some server messages
- Lunar spellbook sprite fix (Runes required box)
- Magic combat adjustments
- Fixed overheads disabled for FFA
- Fixed X logging from FFA
- Fixed several equipment bonus stats (To improve combat)
- Thammaron's Scepter & Emerald Rapier have been added to OP weapons and disabled in wilderness
- Getting stuck in FFA bug fixed
- Smoother following while in combat (Should prevent future safespots)
- Fail safe to prevent client errors that make NPC's disappear at home

More to be added to this list when Arthur wakes up!

Thank you,

Development Team

Edited by Athos
Added Lil' zik Picture
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Relax    5

Awesome work guys! It’s great to see constant updates, and more content being added regularly! Thanks for the hard work!

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Riv    7

Pretty nice update! Good job guys.

Hopefully, a lot more people grind for completionist now.

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