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make pking better

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make the super restore potion able to fully restore stats after 3 saradomin brew sips, every other rsps has this even the original runescape.

buff protection prayers. people shoulding be hitting 30 with crossbow through prayer consinstently

buff korasi, splashes too much

add the option to change the ancient majik spellbook to the original spellbook where the ice barrage was in the bottom left. (u cant even use those teleports in the wilderness anyways so it doesn't matter if u cant teleport!)

add miasmic barrage

add the option to lower graphics to osrs graphics for the players that lag too much

fix pathfinding

add a wilderness npc's that drops good items that is in a single combat zone, around 20-30 wildy it will be a hangout spot for nhers and pvmers!

make the rogue chest in wilderness actually give good money so people will farm there and pkers will go there too! and clans will battle over who controls that area

dragon claws is shit, make new spec wep, chaotic claws! rare drop from a wildy boss



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Some of these are good suggestions. Wild is dead for sure. There's so many flaws in wilderness it will take a long time to fix it. 


I hope Rees sees this and does something at least about the common sense points which we all agree on (e.g. fixing pathfinding)


I'd definitely help with suggestions and improvements if there was some evidence that the owner cared about the state of pking

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