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Achievement Skill Helper

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Mandi    2

Here is a skill breakdown for 

people chasing achievements 

Please Comment If This Was Helpful

Or If You Want More Guides 


  •  Climb An Agility Obstacle
  •   Climb 50 Agility Obstacles


  • Cook A Salmon
  • Cook 25 Rocktails
  • Cook 1k Rocktails 


  • Craft A Pair Of Leather Boots
  • Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies
  • Craft 1k Diamond Gems
  • Craft 1k Amulet Of Glorys
  • Cut A Onyx Stone


  • Harvest A Crop
  • Harvest 10 Torstols
  • Harvest 1k Torstols  


  • Fish A Salmon
  • Fish 25 Rocktails
  • Fish 1k Rocktails


  • Burn A Oak Log
  • Burn 100 Magic Logs
  • Burn 2500 Magic Logs


  • Fletch Some Arrows
  • Fletch 450 Rune Arrows
  • Fletch 5k Rune Arrows  


  • Mix A Potion
  • Mix A Overload Potion
  • Mix 100 Overload Potions
  • Clean 1k Torstols


  • Catch A Young Impling
  • Catch 5 Kingly Implings
  • Catch 100 Kingly Implings


  • Mine some Iron Ore
  • Mine 25 Runite Ores
  • Mine 2k Runite Ores


  • Bury A Big Bone
  • Bury 25 Frost Dragon Bones
  • Bury 500 Frost Dragon Bones


  • Runecraft Some Runes
  • Runecraft 500 Blood Runes
  • Runecraft 8k Blood Runes


  • Smelt A Iron Bar
  • Smelt 25 Rune Bars
  • Smelt 1k Rune Bars


  • Infuse A Dreadfowl Pouch
  • Infuse 25 Steel Titans
  • Infuse 500 Steel Titans


  • Steal A Ring
  • Steal 140 Scimitars
  • Steal 5k Scimitars


  • Cut An Oak Tree
  • Cut 100 Magic Logs
  • Cut 5k Magic Logs





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5chris7    0

Looks great Mandi! I'm sure this will help a lot of players out to comp! keep up the good work



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Cass    9

Nice guide, just wondering is it possible to fish rocktails as a non-donator? 

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