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Boss points

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O2maPCo.png Sapphire Member O2maPCo.png

-Donator rank in game and on forums*

-Access to donator zone (::dzone, ::di)

-2.25x experience bonus

-Access to ::yell chat

-Access to set a custom player title using the ::title command

-Access to dzone thieving stalls that give pure cash

-Free potion decanting

-Free resets for slayer tasks

-Access to recharge altar (hp, prayer, spec) at dzone

-Access to exclusive frost dragons and other NPCs at dzone

-Access to donator shop at dzone

-Double loot at Barrows Minigame

-60 Pest Control points per game

-30% chance of double blood money per kill

-No kill count required to enter Godwars Dungeon

-20 second vengence timer instead of 30 seconds

-Access to ::bank command

-Double drops for rare drops up to $50 (ex: Dragon Kiteshield drop = 2 Dragon Kiteshields) 

-15k cash bonus per thieve at thieving stalls

-1/5 chance to save runes on a magic spell cast

-1/3 chance of their casket not deleting when opened

-1/3 chance of their crystal key not deleting when opening the chest

-Access to Gold AFK Tree (::goldtree)

-Unlimited prayer

-2x boss points

-2x trivia points

-2% increased drop rate

-Access to Sapphire Zone (::szone)


As you can see above is the sapphire rank benefits. Highlighted in these benefits is one particular one that stands out, this is very misleading. Yes, this benefit is somewhat true, you can get double boss points of most of the small/beginner bosses. But that will only make them a maximum of 2 bp per kill. Let's talk about the other bosses. Like Vorkath, Olm and Corp. Without doubt i have miss a couple that will fall into this category. BUT these bosses will not give you double bp, even though the rank doesn't specify they won't. For all you know, all bosses will give double bp as that's what's stated in the benefits. Very misleading, almost lying to your face. This needs to be changed, You can't lie to people and say double boss points, but wait secretly these bosses will be unaffected. Again, I know that the amount of bp per kill for these bosses will not be changed either. If anything was to be changed, it will be the benefits list, for them to be more specific on what they mean and what is effected by this.


I was getting 3 bp per kill, when doing Vorkath. I thought that was a pathetic amount of bp for the attention needed. So i decided to go and grind Corp, which is still non - afk but is very simple once you have good enough gear. For this boss, i was getting 2 bp per kill still a little low for such a high level boss, but i can accept its quite afk. Vorkath is not... so why is that only 3bp a kill. Olm i think i was getting either 4 or 13 bp. This needs to be changed. You are lying to the people about all bosses having the bp doubled. Which with the new bp rewards, is a HUGE benefit that people would love to have in effect for all bosses. 



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