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Ben Beri

So what are you, Angels or Devils? Hallowen Update logs 31-10-2019

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Ben Beri    2





First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ben I am 22 years old from Israel. Been in software development world for more than 5 years. I am full of ideas

for Simplicity to make this a better place for everyone of us, and I hope you will enjoy the new event.




Halloween Event!

You can start this event by talking to X at Edgevile. This event is pretty fun, a small and nice story line, fighting some strong boss and monsters!

The event works by instanced groups, the system will wait for 5 players to join the group and automatically start the event.

The event is divided into two phases:

1. Kill the demons, one of the demons has a key that he drops on death. After receiving the key you can use the ladder to get to the

Dracula boss along with your group.

2. Kill the Dracula boss


After finishing the event, you will receive an Halloween mystery box.


So what team are you? Angels or Devils?

Yes! Special temporary content for the Halloween season which will run for another week. When you first login after the update, the system will automatically set you a team, either Angel or Devil. An icon will appear above your head with your team's name:



Each team has a score, and your team receives score by killing the opponent team's players, anywhere in a risk-fight.

The winning team players will be awarded with a collective-reward (such as drop party only for that team, etc, not decided yet!)

So get your swords ready and fight for your team.

No, you cannot change your team, it's randomly selected with balancing system.



Added Red Skeleton Set (Get from Halloween Event)

Added Pet Dracula (Get from Halloween Event)

Added Knowledge Base (You can open it from your player panel underneath "npc drop table")
Knowledge Base is in the process of being filled :)

Added special attack to Sanguinesti Staff X




• Fixed Achievements, you can now finish all of them!
• Fix for Tournaments where player being poisoned in lobby while waiting for the next match
• Fix for Prize chest & Halloween chest announcements

• NPC's disappearing at home and cows bug fix
• Fix with Superior Zuk & Vorki
• Only staff can put items in the drop party chest now
• Bank resetting for small amount of players bug fixed
• Black party hat model bug fixed
• Model bug fixed with Overload flask

• Increased price for Nex pieces in donor shop
• Fix with corporeal beast instanced


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Athos    18

CONTENT EVERYWHERE ! nice new event and bugs fixes, great work team :) 

Edited by Athos

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D E L L    0

This is super exciting! Awesome content my friend and thanks for making Simplicity a better place! 

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