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On the forums, there's a plethora of different threads & posts. I suggest a search bar is added, like on many other forums, where you could search the entirety of the forums for specific keywords. Often times I find a thread, close out of it & am unable to open it back up as I can't recall what section\category it is in. It would make it much easier if I could just search for a keyword like "raids" and boom, all threads related to raids would pop up.

Bonus points: if you added a command ingame like ::forums texthere or ::search texthere & it pops up with the search results page for "texthere" :) 

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Justin    70

Whoever created this current theme for some reason left it out. I find myself switching to the default theme just to have access to the search bar.

I'll look into the source code of the theme and try and re-add it.

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