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o royal

fix pathing/pking

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o royal    0



since nobody listens anywhere else and this is the only way i can voice my frustrations 




Pathing- when i pull a spec weapon out. people run away and eat to full then stop moving so then my spec will go off??? why is that so broken

Pking- people will teleport but get koed before teleport goes off so they die in safe zone = no loot 

PVP- in a nutshell people ONLY pvp with ffa/tournament they do not go to edge because there is NO reward..  HOWEVER if there is people in wild they camp full statius and untradeables. there is absolutely NO REWARD for pking.

Weapons-- Since divines wonderful pk vid everyone and their fucking nan are using a SWH only as a spec wep...

VLS/SWH 10-50m a piece.. hits more often and more accurate than a demonic ags and thats 500m+?

Bloodmoney- Absolutely no point of it even being in the game as you get next to none per kill and everything in shop is overpriced and actually pretty cheap if u were to sell off something, no reward from pking.


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Odder    1

yeh def could see there being a need for revamp somehow. +1. havent gotten into much pking on here yet as im newer. but i can def see what you mean.

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