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Demonic Gorillas bug

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While in combat with one gorilla & within range of another gorilla, if the original gorilla you're fighting does his special thrown rock animation attack, the other gorilla that you are not engaged in combat with is allowed to PJ you from the original. Due to this, when the thrown rock hits you it will hit you for 30-40 in addition to the second gorilla attacking & pjing you off doing up to 30+ damage.
Different way of describing it:

Attacking gorilla A
Gorilla A does rock throw attack
Gorilla B then attacks & PJ's you off the original gorilla you were fighting
Gorilla A's rock throw attack hits
Must now start fighting gorilla B & kill it before being able to finish killing the original gorilla A you were fighting.

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Athos    14

Hello, i would like to inform you that this issue is delivered to our developers and getting fixed as soon as possible so no other player gets the same issue. 

Thanks for letting us know about and i hope that you aren't facing any other issues. Keep it up man if you have more bugs please PM me In Game or report it to any of the staff members <3 

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