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Corporeal Beast Guide

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Mak3    99

Corporeal Beast Guide

How to teleport to corp?

To teleport to Corporeal Beast you can do ::corp in-game or Click any of the teleports in the magic book then bosses. (As shown below)


Type of gear required? 

Low Level Range



Low Level Magic (Trident can be used)

(Recommed using blood barrage to heal)



High Tier Range (Any type of Twisted bow can be used)



High Tier Magic (Sanguinesti X also be used)



High Tier Melee (I'd only use this wouldn't use any lower)


Regular Sov and X just as effective.


Type of inventory needed? 

Corporeal Beast drains stats so restore pot is required. 



  • When using overload and drinking brews it doesn't decrease stats.
  • Obviously if maging you'll need runes in invent 


Killing Corporeal Beast

  • You'll want to protect from range and rigour - if ranging 
  • You'll want to protect from range and augury - If maging
  • You'll want to protect from range or soul split an turmoil - If meleeing 


You'll want to stand back from the Corporeal Beast to prevent him attacking you via melee. This applies when ranging or maging. (As shown below)



Now the complex part, Meleeing Corporeal Beast will take a few attempts in order to get it right. (As shown below)

  • You'll need to insure you're max melee distance away from Corp.
  • This will prevent Corp attacking you via melee.



Use of pets?

There are 4 type of pets which i'd recommend using at Corporeal Beast in order to help you.

  • Steel Titian (This will attack Corporeal Beast with melee)
  • Superior Olm (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range)
  • Superior Vorki (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range)
  • Superior Zuk (Unlimited Soul split whilst protecting from range)


What does it drop?

To find out the drop rates and drops for Corporeal Beast just do ::finddrop Corporeal Beast or ::bosses in-game 




I hope you found this guide helpful, you're now able to kill Corp!

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Odder    1

Very nice and in-depth guide.. If you havent already id suggest making some more like this for other bosses (shit even if there is already a guide on certain boss). Very clean and professional looking thread. +1!

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