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Collection Log, New Completionist Zone, Supreme Box (Limited), Bug fixes & More!

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Update 13-11-2019
New update full of bug fixes and new content! Happy birthday to Supreme! To celebrate we have the one and only OWNERDEALS and a new limited box, the Supreme box (There will be only 30 Supreme boxes sold)!

- New completionist zone added. In this zone you can find 1 new monster and 1 new high tier monster, this one does give boss points. There is a new Statue called Supreme's Statue, this is located south of Edgeville, you can touch the statue and if you have completed all the achievements a special dark force will teleport you to a new completionist zone.
- New Npc's Abyssal walker & Sotetseg.


- Added more dawn to Crystal zone.
- Added new rewards to the Raids 1 & 2 drop-tables.
- Added new drops to the Wildywyrm drop-table.

- Derwen now gives boss points.

- Porazdir now gives boss points.
- Collection log is added. You can open the collection log with the ::collections command.


- Highly exclusive and limited box added, the Supreme box. There will be a limited stock of 30 boxes that will be sold and the only way to get this box is by claiming ownerdeals. Type ::ownerdeals ingame for more information.




- Fixed a bug with the new automatic lottery system.
- Fixed a bug with corporeal beast being multi spawned.
- Fixed the re-spawn timer for Completionist boss. ::events
- Fixed some blocked walkways in Taverly dungeon.
- Fixed a bug with Hydra boss phases.
- Fixed a bug with Warmonger event boss.
- Fixed a bug with missing edgeville lever.
- Fixed a bug with Chaos elemental boss.
- Fixed a bug with Vorkath boss.
- Fixed a bug with freeze timers.

- Fixed a bug with images being displayed in custom yell titles.
- Fixed a bug with the ::checkinv command for staff.
- Fixed a bug with weird nulled hitmarks showing in Edgeville.
- Only higher staff can pull the lever now in the DP-room.
- Added a toggle for PNPC (Moderation command).
- Monkey agility course gives more tickets now.
- Added Superior pets to the Overpowered items list.

Thank you for playing Simplicity!
- Simplicity Team

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