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Donor Zone QoL Suggestion

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Tin    3

I know it's silly to nit-pick things, especially when the Donor Zone already has many benefits. But what about opening the gate/ creating a little path from where the ::di tele is, into the gated area? It's just a small QoL to save from running all the way around the fence.

Edit: Possibly a 2nd teleport to di, such a ::diz/::di2, etc instead. Credit:Bionic Robot

https://gyazo.com/42e398f342d3c9761661d9a449bf0a97 42e398f342d3c9761661d9a449bf0a97.png

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shiftynex    27

This would definitely be a quality of life update. But right now I believe we're concerned more about fixing some current stuff. great suggestion tho. and would definitely like to see it added.


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