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In-Game Chatbox

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Lemme jump straight into it,

With the small client chat box is fine (how ever this could imply to it as well for some people), but when you change to the full screen client and the chat box turns transparent its a whole different story.

I'd love to see options to turn the full screen clients chat box either solid not see through or us being able to edit the text colors, or both why not? Same obviously goes for small client , both options should exist for us to be able to edit the text colors. For me its extremely hard to read the brown text with full screens see through chat box for example, very annoying. And then again playing with the small client is not as enjoyable as the big client. May sound needy and such, but I feel very strongly about this so I had to put this in writing haha :D 

Nothing big , but as a quality of life upgrade this would be amazing to see in game! :)

Thanks for your time reading this,


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