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QOL suggestions ! :)

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Trippin    14


To keep this quick, short and painless I'll just list them straight up, like so:

- ALL max capes working as Ava's accumulator ( infernal max cape, fire max cape)
- Raids cape renamed as Cox cape or Olm cape (just like Verzik Cape clearly imply what its for) , I myself have ran into few already that thought it could be used for both TOB and COX, however this tend to apply only on new players which for one can't in most cases afford either cape so its not really that urgent or possibly not even needed, however, it would make more sense.
- Duration of phase 1 - 2 of Cox falling rock part should be reduced to same length as phase 2-3 rock fall part. In return possibly some HP added to some stages of the boss.
- Boss points from inferno reduced to what ever you guys may see more fit, 50 per kill is ridiculous considering how quick and easy it is. 
- Add another prestige shop for skillmaster capes, I know they are donation item, but everything should be obtainable with normal gameplay apart from customs and such.
- Add Verzik to boss kill log

Thats all I could come up for now, thanks for your time reading and cya in game!

- Trippin

(ps. I've ran couple of these by staff members already, regardless I wrote them all down here)

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Mak3    79

I agree on max cape working as Ava's

Raids cape could be renamed to COX cape however some players when you say COX don't know what it is. They refer to olm.

The duration of the phases I agree can be frustrating and long, However with some players gear they'd complete to quickly. Yes you could increase the hands HP but even with the Scythe XI etc.. It'll still be easy but harder for players with blowpipe. 

Unsure on the boss points from inferno... Ye people can kill quickly because of the gear... But some people can't and you'd be punishing these players. The prices of boxes to output from them seem balanced so don't think it's having a dramatic affect

Yeah I agree on prestige shop revamp - just isn't worth prestiging. The master capes should also be obtainable someone else I agree.. Most players use them only for fashion item. 

I'm sure we are planing on adding all bosses etc to the kill log. With verzik being a relatively new boss it wouldn't have been added.


Thank you for all your suggestions! The thread has been passed onto all staff members! Hopefully you'll see some of these implemented in the near future. 


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