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Simplicity Updates [08.12.2019]: Combat Improvements 2.0, Vote Rewards, Bug Fixes & More!

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Arthur    158

Hey all,
we are back with a small but very effective update. Thank you all for supporting us.
The vote count has been up lately and that's why we have made voting even more attractive with this update.
And the combat is now smoother than ever! A lot of more fixes & new content still to come, so stay tuned!

Major improvements
- Fixed a delay with Special attacks.
- Fixed a bug with the distances for PvP & PvM combat.
- Fixed a few errors that were messing up discord logs.
- Fixed a critical error that was causing the server to lag occasionally.

Bug fixes & content
- Fixed a bug with Iron-man yell.
- Fixed & changed some weapon animations.
- Fixed & cleaned up some server icons.
- Fixed a bug with player teleportation while dying.
- Fixed mitigate damage during death sequence.
- Buffed Steel Titan special damage to work with constitution value range.
- Added Neitiznot faceguard to donator shop 2. (More info coming soon)
- Added Twisted slayer helmet. This helmet stacks with sagittarian & light sagittarian.
The helmet also has a 5% drop rate bonus on Olm. (Currently ONLY available in donator shop 2)
- Fixed a bug with voting claims.
- Added random reward for voters. (More info coming soon)
- Fixed a bug with Magma blowpipe item combining.
- Removed Aggro from Demonic gorilla's.
- Fixed a bug with Dragon warhammer.
- Fixed a bug with Korasi's special attack.
- Fixed a bug with agility wilderness portal not being removed.

Thank you,
Simplicity team

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