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Maxed my new iron (HC)

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Cass    9

Well i recently started playing again and made a new iron except this time hardcores exist, surprisingly i haven't managed to die yet.

I ended up maxing my stats in just under 100 hours, i've no clue how much of that time was afk.

Next goals are all the comp cape goals and building my bank up aka getting some way better PvM gear as i currently have a rune c'bow as my primary range weapon and d scim for melee lol... I went like 260 Abyssal demons dry and gave them up long ago.

My plan is to just do alot of skilling and sumona slayer, spending slayer points on rings of the gods to try get a ring of bosses from the well ASAP, i also spend voting points on elite warrior boxes they seem like the best all round value.


My bank basically, a few duplicate items have gone down the well 


I did manage to get a santa's key at a cows event that i'm keen to use.


Thanks for reading 😋

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Adamr    0

Wow! Great job I hope you get that whip soon, you can buy one with slayer points as well, look forward to your next update :)

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Cass    9

Update post up to over 200 hours now here's my bank and gear currently

Main tab (usually sell rune items to gen store)
Stuff i will never use but have looted

Used i think 8 or 9 ROTG into well.. No ROB yet so boss slayer is still priority
Achieved MBP via bossing points (over 2.5k gained in total), korasi via bork
Opened 2 sapphire boxes via voting - https://i.gyazo.com/c28f23ed5285d8557e82cfad2d6b4ef9.mp4

Boss pets achieved prime (x2), supreme, bandos, bandos avatar
Rarest loots via bosses - Arma hilt, santa (cows), 150+ green bananas, 8 d axe's via DKS, arma skirt, flame gloves (tekton i think)
Bosses killed - 650~ DKS (grinded them during bonus events for boss pts), 60 Nex (no rares yet), 70 kree'arra/graador, 80 zammy, 150 kraken, a ton of other slayer bosses between 50-100 kills

Silver - All done (except PvP)
Gold - 1 more lottery entry, 49m to well, Nomad, Chaos Ele, 200 cannonballs fired
Orange? - Corp, 10m magic damage, 7m melee damage, 4 godswords, 4700 cannonballs, 450 frost bones, 7500 bloods, 3800 scimitars, 4500 rune arrows, 90 kingly imps, 475 steel titans, 800 torstols, 975 rune bars, 500 rocktails, 249m well
Black - Onyx, 3700 monsters, 7 more loyalty, 870 glories, 999m well, 4 spirit shields made,

Oh and i'm still somehow a hardcore

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Fastneasy    26

This is some great progress! You should definitely start on the grind for the rob and the best way would be raiding as of right now, you definitely have the gear for it. You could even do it with your rune crossbow but that magma blowpipe should definitely help with dps. I believe your biggest challenge there is not to die. Keep in mind when you enter the only way to exit would either be kill olm or you'd die yourself. So its definitely a challenge but would be great to see you overcome that too! Keep up the great work!

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