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Simplicity Updates [15.12.2019]: New FFA Maps, Combat Improvements & Bug fixes!

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Arthur    158

Simplicity Updates 15.12.2019 .
New update full of fixes & new content. This will also be your last chance to get a reward from Santa so turn in all your keys when you can! Christmas event is expected to go live on next update. Thank you.

- New OSRS maps added.
- New combat tweaks (PvM).
- Replaced the old FFA battle ground location.
- Renewed the commands interface.
- Added support for decanting noted potions.
- Added new rewards for upcoming Christmas event.
- Finished Christmas event,
- Added a new warning interface.
- Added position offset for large npc's.
- New tracking for admins to find the bad guys.

-Added new support ticket tool to discord in #support


- Fixed Korasi special attack.
- Fixed Sanguinesti X special attack.
- Fixed a lot of NPC defintion sizes.
- Fixed re-spawn timer for Callisto.
- Fixed re-spawn timer for Maiden.
- Fixed boss teleport for Zulrah.
- Fixed construction teleport and other issues, started implementing visiting other players houses.
- Performance bug fixes
- Fixed a bug to prevent mobs in Godwars to shoot projectiles through walls.
- Fixed a bug causing players to disconnect when removing furniture in POH.
- Fixed safe-spot oddities in the wilderness.
- Fixed a bug that was causing certain weapon animations not to show.
- Fixed a bug with steel titan.
- Fixed a bug with no clipping in general store.


Thank you,
Simplicity Team

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Sgt Sage    2

i was looking forward to a few of these fixes but how did sang x special get fixed was it a nerf on dmg? all n all i love the update 


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Sgt Sage    2
On 12/15/2019 at 3:25 PM, Mak3 said:

@Sgt SageThe Sangi X spec was causing NPC's to disappear 

i know it was making npc dissapear im just curious what had to happen to fix that 


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