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Hey there.

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Cigar    0

Hey all, 

My name is Dave and I am brand new to the server. My current in-game name is Cigar and I am playing on the hardcore Ironman game mode. My interests include things like work, pc games of all calibers, mostly any outdoor activity, xbox, books, anime, and all things Harry Potter and Naruto. 

I am a career FF/Paramedic for a career and I traditionally work shift work so I may be on at all different hours of the clock.

Feel free to shoot me a pm in-game and say hello! I look forward to meeting everyone. 

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Death Blade    1

Hey Dave,

Welcome to the server mate.
You've got a great job, got a lot of respect for paramedics! 

Hope you enjoy yourself, if you need any help feel free to message me,
See you in game!

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Neon    6

Welcome Dave/Cigar glad to have you, welcome to simplicity :)

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shiftynex    18

Welcome to Simplicity!!! If you have any questions, just shoot any of our staff a PM and we'll be more than happy to help you out! Enjoy your stay!!



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Fastneasy    26

Welcome welcome! Look forward to seeing you in-game ;) Good ole bot check :) Anyways have a great time if you need anything let me know in-game!

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Mak3    28

Welcome Dave! Hope you enjoy your stay with us! Any questions don't be afraid to ask in help CC - private message or ::discord 



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