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Simplicity Updates [12.01.2020]: New Alert Box & Bug Fixes & QOL

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Kevin    214



  • Vote points and loyalty points are no longer reset upon game mode change.   
  • Fixed the game mode change bank pin check.
  • Fixed the pipe in Taverly dungeon.
  • Fixed Ruby Member offset on yells.
  • Added NEW Dialogue system.
  • Redid Town crier dialogue with correct game mode downgrading.
  • Added new Alert box design:
  • alert.png
  • Perfect positioning & hovers on any screen mode.
  • The height of the alert box is dependant on the amount of text.
  • Fixed Taverly / Brimhaven dung & more locations where roofs/highmem needs to be set.
  • Fixed Flameburst defender (correct hand & visible).
  • flameburstdef.png
  • Added Sanguinesti Staff X White.
  • staff 3.png
  • Fixed the weird looking walls in Duel Arena (Death Capes)
  • Added NEW Equipment type: like full helm yet it allows to show beard (Suitable for coifs).
  • Fixed Soul wars lobby maps.
  • Removed particles from Tokhaar cape.
  • Fractite gauntlets on both genders.
  • Fixed Crystal halberd full (i).
  • Fixed Rainbow partyhat on both genders.
  • phatmodel.png
  • Fixed the presets bug.
  • Beard no longer shows through full helms/masks
  • Fixed Spookie mask
  • Fixed zombie mask.
  • Dual Sai X (New Custom weapon in HEAVY development).
  • Added teleport to target ticket (Can be bought in explorer jack shop for 100M coins)

       Thank you,
Simplicity team

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