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Simplicity Updates [20.01.2020]: Inferno fixes & QOL

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Kevin    214



  • Added new items inside wilderness chest
  • Torva platebody is now a 1/410 drop from nex
  • Torva platelegs is now a 1/410 drop from nex
  • Inferno npc now attacks you
  • Fixed issue with TOB
  • Healers now heal boss (Inferno)
  • One person dying in TOB no longer resets the boss
  • Minions are now correcting spawning in Theatre of blood
  • NPCs now load twice when you login at Edgeville to prevent them from disappearing
  • Raids now teleports you on logout instead of login to prevent getting stuck
  • Logging out while in raid now destroys the instance preventing future lag from that area
  • You can now visit other peoples houses
  • Tubby's new custom scythes (#1 custom scythe orderer)
  • Kevin can now do a backflip


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