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Custom items examine

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Melody    2

There are a alot of custom things that you can combine eachother for example making special capes, upgrading tbow, colour slayer helm. Just because they are customized items, people doesn't know what those things are and what's their purpose. 

For example olm's drops - great olm's crystal, orb of light, olm's fire, fire of nourishment, cyan crystal, myth cape.. Corp's graceful cape, stone tablet, fire of eternal light...

Even magic knife and stuff.. Specially new player don't know anything about them or what to do with em

So my suggestion is to add them informative Examine texts ie. examining great olm's crystal it tells what to use this with and what it gets you. Or examine magic knife it will tell to use this and green banana on magic chest at home.

I've played server quite a while and i still don't know what all those special items are and what to do or use them with.

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Nate    68

Hi Melody, there is currently a thread in guides which will give you more information about how to make certain items etc...
I do like the idea of it showing in-game though through some sort of text / knowledge base.


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