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Fishing Guide

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spud    48

Firstly I'd Like to start with How to get here and the Shop.

Start by Clicking the Fishing skill.




*Red Vine Worms are used for Rocktail Fishing.

*Xp Rates are without any Bonus Exp items Such as Vote scrolls, Brawling gloves, Heron pet, Master cape

Small Fishing Net

Shrimp 580 xp (Level- 1)

Anchovy 1,100 xp (Level- 15)

Fishing Rod - Bait

Sardine 1,300 xp (Level- 5)

Herring 1,960 xp (Level- 10)

Big Fishing Net

Monkfish 13,970 xp (Level- 62)

Fly Fishing - Lure

Trout 3,100 xp (Level- 20)

Salmon 4,240 xp (Level- 30)

Rocktail 64,032 xp (Level- 90)

Lobster Pot

Lobster 5,960 xp (Level- 40)

Dark Crab 54,168 xp (Level- 85)


Tuna 5,060 xp (Level- 35)

Swordfish 10,200 xp (Level- 50)

Shark 17,094 xp (Level- 76)

AnglerFish Vessel

AnglerFish 125,050 xp (Level- 82)*

You can Fish Dark Crabs In the Wildy Resource Area at 51 wildy

Reqs: Lobster Pot, Dark Fishing Bait, Level 85



In Order to Fish Rocktails you'll need 90 Fishing, Fly Fishing Rod, Red Vine Worms

There is a handful of locations for Rocktails

Such as:

Catherby Bait Shop - East of Crafting Teleport


Rogue's Castle - Wilderness teleports 51 Wild (Benefit: Noted Rocktails)


Bronze Donor Zone ::DI (Benefit: Close to Bank)


*Can Fish Anglerfish Inside Arthur's Realm (Max zone)

Anglerfish only Requires 82 fishing, Anglerfish Vessel, and Cave Worms HOWEVER you need to have ALL 99's in order to Access them






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