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Right click not working?

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Fastneasy    28

Hey everyone,


(Just stopping by seeing how things are going...) Anyways I notice some people are having a right click issue with the server. It has nothing to do with your client being up-to-date nor does it involve JAVA needing to be re-installed. That should be your last resort if things don't work.


So... How would you solve it...?


If you log in game there will be a screen in the "settings" tab. Click on that... Then it will show a cursor setting being "checked off" click it to un-check it. Then bam your right click should be working again! :)


Still having problems please reply below and we'll figure out a solution for you :) 



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Trippy    1

Had this issue just now, if i would of know this wouldn't of deleted jdk and jre like @Justin said to... :( nah but thank you justin for trying! Much appreciated.

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