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All Might Me

Weekly Server Events

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Monday - Double Vote Points

Tuesday - Double Slayer Points

Wednesday - Double PK Points

Thursday - Double Pest Control Points

Friday - Double EXP

Saturday - Double EXP

Sunday - Double EXP


*Events change at server time [00:00] each day


*Other bonuses that also stack alongside double EXP is the 30% bonus EXP from the Well of Goodwill, as well as all Donor Rank EXP benefits plus the 30% EXP boost given from vote scrolls


*Donor benefit of increased Pest Control Points also stacks with Double Pest Control Points (Thursday) as well

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Mr Virus    6

Thanks for the info! Now I know which days to grind extra hard on haha :D

~ Virus

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Iron Trees    18

Thank you for posting this, very helpful.

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