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Staff Changes 30/06/2020

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Bodhi    24






@ pPCLjnZ.pngNate  has taken pPCLjnZ.pngStaff Manager role.

We're 100% sure he'll do great things with this new position.

Well deserved for your hard work! 


Due recent Forum Changes, Global Moderators are no longer forum staff.

Lack of overview, hereby @ eUBb0da.pngSezy  has shown interest into bh57RGx.pngForum Moderator.

After few days scanning his activity, professionalism on forums. I'm impressed, Welcome on Forum Staff board!


Congratulations boys!




@ 1YosoqD.pngXelta  has been demoted from F0SHsgW.pngModerator

@ 1YosoqD.pngTinee  has been demoted from F0SHsgW.pngModerator

@ iPT4y4l.pngswe monkey  has been demoted from F0SHsgW.pngModerator

@ 1YosoqD.pngBlitz  has stepped down from eUBb0da.pngGlobal Moderator

@ AsSxbEb.pngBernard  has stepped down from pPCLjnZ.pngStaff Manager

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Alb    23

I am sad to see many people go, but I wish them all the best in the future.

congrats to Nate and Sezy, I am sure they will fit perfectly into their new roles! 

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