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How to make the ICE TWISTED BOW and where to get the items

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Charmie    35


As a lot of people are asking here is a guide on how to make the twisted ice bow and the items you need to get it plus the stats on the bow at the end
if you have felt like i missed anything out please let me know in the comments below 

these are all the items you need to create the BIS range weapon 

A normal Twisted Bow:


Light Twisted Bow requires Normal Twisted bow + Fire Twisted Bow + Orb of light to make

550b5747259a850df16ea23c49511fce.png =60385cc978a2721cb73868f0e0a7b742.png

A Fire Twisted Bow Requires Normal Twisted bow + Olm's fire + Tome of Fire  to make


Unstrung Ice Bow


Orb Of Ice


Locations on where to find items

c8a0ea33617404b4e6998a788a63ddfd.png =  Raids 1 / OLM

551e459d9940b8c5b7fc4534f8eb83c7.png               =        Bandos avatar

63572e6b6a0b8afcc87db0a0011115ee.png                 =      Vorkath         


   Congratulations you have an Ice Twisted Bow




As well at the 400  range attack bonus it does have a 20 percent prayer bonus as well, 

Feel free to pm me in game or comment on here on any question you have regarding the ICE TWISTED BOW and ill answer them :) 





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