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Tomo's Introduction

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Tomo    3

Let's just get straight into it, So my names Tom. I love a laugh, I do get salty sometimes but who doesn't? I love to answer questions or help people ( because I'm a bit of a smartass.. a stubborn one too ) so if I'm not at ;;gamble just talking then I'm at ;;raids, I only play this when I'm intoxicated however I do not drink alcohol. (Take that in any way you will)

I like to PVM or PK if I have the sufficient energy at the time, but if you PM me I'm sure I'd be happy to participate :)

I am also naming myself the Undisputed Trivia King ahead of @ bh57RGx.pngAkimbo

I have also left a photo of me incase you guys see me in person and want to say hello :)

Catch me ingame boiz ☮️



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Akimbo    24

This is actually the dankest introduction I've read so far, maybe one day you'll beat my trivia points hue.


Welcome regardless, hope you stay!

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