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Eli's Suggestions

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Eli    1




This one is pretty obvious ::gamble could use some love, not the best location for a lot of flower poker. I think a simple area could work or even just making the NPC's not move like shown below in my 10/10 editing job. 




Gear / Weapons:


I think the addition of sacred clay mage and range as well as the weapons with a set effect could mix up the normal gear currently being used. Something between Sag and light sag is needed. Also the jump from cele to roseblood is pretty big.


For the weapons I think being able to combine them with lesser used but expensive items to get them out of the game. This would create like a (i) or something like it version. Also possibly degradable to get them out of game but idk. Having something between sang and sang x would also be nice.


 Also adding a decent 1 handed melee would add some diversity to the game of currently only using sovs. These weapons maybe could become degradable to maybe a state that needs to be charged? And possibly untradable.


 Sacred clay staff | RuneScape Wiki | FandomMorphic head armour | RuneScape Wiki | FandomSacred clay equipment | RuneScape Wiki | Fandom


Angelic Spirit Shield


Lucky divine spirit shield - The RuneScape Wiki


This one is simple, upgrade to Demonic by welling. Slight improvement and some bonus. Could be untradable or degradable or not doesn't much matter here. Would be fun if it was like a 1/25-50 chance to get.


Actual BIS per style amulets


Amulet of torture | Old School RuneScape Wiki | FandomAmulet of ranging | RuneScape Wiki | FandomArcane blast necklace | RuneScape Wiki | Fandom


This one is also pretty self explanatory. The Anguish (or) is pretty much the only thing used. It would be nice to have something a little more dependent on what you wanted to use. I used these as just pictures of 3 different combat styles.


Different rings


 Ring of suffering (i) - OSRS WikiBrimstone ring - OSRS Wiki


The addition of maybe slightly better stats but no pickup ability.



Button in your POS and others  to go to what is for sale so you don't have to exit 



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Mak3    75

Some brilliant suggestions here to be fair. 

As for the gambling, It was voted months again that they were changing the location and creating a "gambling zone" unsure as to why this hasn't happened. 

They tried adding decent 1 handed weapon before such as Ghazri X - Simple reason why they never seem to hit the ground running is because 2 handed weapons are just far superior. 

As for new necklaces and rings I feel this is a must as Ring of Bosses is outdated and plenty of the in game, the same applies to Anguish or as hydra is grinded a lot daily. I probably would have the new rings to have pickup ability though, otherwise I don't feel like people would buy it. 

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Not Blu    1

Honestly have no issues with any of these getting added to the game. We for sure need a new ::gambling zone with non moving NPCs and for sure need a better off-hand magic shield/book. Also for new BIS amulets/rings I 100% agree as theirs too many Ring of Bossings in game and same with Anguish(or) as everyone is camping hydra all day as its pretty good money per hour. 100% Support :)

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Akimbo    25

Agreed with all of them, some amazing suggestions my man Eli!

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Dade    7

Great suggestions man! GAMBLING definitely needs a properly dedicated zone without NPCs that'll ruin the flow..

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