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Idea for Crafting the Nex Cape

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freigh    1

I think in the theme of the other capes being crafted from the drops of their respective bosses, the Nex Cape should follow a similar yet lore-friendly path.

Originally in Runescape, the nex's door was locked requiring a Frozen key to open, the key was obtained from killing minions in each of the other 4 God Wars camps.

So my idea would build off this concept.

The Nex herself would drop the base cape, which would then need to be combined with a rare/unique drop from each of the 4 God Wars bosses.

Due to needing 5 rare drops (versus the usual 2-3 for other capes) I think a potential buff* could be having the Cape affect the 4 God Wars bosses in addition to the Nex

*(perhaps at a cost to the overall stats of the cape, considering the bosses are significantly easier to kill than other cape associated bosses)


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Akimbo    25

Lore-wise I absolutely love this idea. The problem however right now is that there are already loads of them in-game and they're relatively cheap. Also, them being in some boxes doesn't help this at all.

I really love the suggestion and would love to see it implemented tho, kudo's!

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