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There is probably going to be a lot of people against this but I'm sure I'm not the only one that believes the economy on Simplicity is shot. We are looking into the 100s of billions for some higher tier items which is fine they should be hard to obtain. The problem is stuff like all the whips where one is selling for max 100m but the drop rate is so low its never worth it. I feel that in time and I see it being sooner than later the only people left will be the donators as we have advantages that make a multi week grind take only a couple hours. now I'm not going to sit here and complain without offering a solution. The best solution I see being possible is one that will be massively hated. I believe this server needs all GP reduced but keeping the drop rates the same. this will push a 600b item to cost 10b per say but with a drop of 2.5m each lava giant makes it obtainable just after a major grind. I am also going to point out what is to blame for this. Donations are the biggest problem. Obviously don't get rid of them but some items could be removed. for example the 1b ticket is not needed especially when I can donate 30$ for a goodie bag and obtain upwards of 60b in that one goodie bag. Just off my one time donation 60b was poured into the game with no way for it to be removed properly thus furthering the ever more out of control rate of the economy of this server which after just 2 weeks of playing i have come to love it and am trying avidly to get friends to join me.

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Mak3    92

We're currently working hard behind the scenes to come up with ideas to help the current eco, We're trying get the balance between items/cash coming in and out of the game. 

Thank you for your suggestion, will be taken into consideration whilst we attempt to change.

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