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Hi :)

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Pogo    7

Pogo here — Dustin irl. 

I’ve been playing RS for years and RSPSs for about half of that time. I even ran my own for awhile before I crashed two family desktops (RIP the homies). 

I really like the community of RSPSs, especially this one! And the game itself? Incredible. I’ve only been playing for a couple of days now but I’m really excited to see the server/community grow & be part of it.

About me: I’m a singer/songwriter & content creator on TikTok (yikes — I know), with almost 4 years in the Army. I also graduate in December with a Bachelor’s in Business Admin, taking time to learn Python and American Sign Language my final year. 

I have very diverse interests and unusual quirks, so I really enjoy meeting new people and finding commonalities. 

Nice to meet everyone I have so far & looking forward to meeting more! 

*Please drop your favorite song or Spotify playlist in the comments.*

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Mak3    92

Welcome Dustin! 

Glad to see you on Simplicity! I hope you enjoy your experiences here!

Any questions feel free message either me or my fellow staff members!


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Stickle    44

Welcome to Simplicity! Glad to have you here as part of the community! Amazing intro, and I hope to see you around! Like Mak3 said, need any help feel freely to holla! 

-- I've been listening to a lot Juice wrld & xxxtentacion atm :D

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