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I made a rap AI

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Terpy    6

So I'm a little bit of a nerd and am starting to learn Tensorflow, long story short I managed to merge 2 different peoples 2-3 year old repositories for an AI text generator based on openai's GPT-2 model. So now I have an AI I can create custom data sets for based on any large collect of text. I need a bit of practice making high quality training data so if you have any ideas about a large corpus of text data about specific topics or people let me know!

Here's a sample based on 30 songs from the UnderAchivers, I had it write a  verse.





its not great but its not bad either, let me know if you wanna see computers talk more gibberish. 

I have it set up in a docker container, so if your interested in trying yourself I can push that to docker or pm me and ill send you my GitHub repository. I don't wanna give that link out to everyone because I still write shit code, and am very self conscious about it.

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more samples from the AI
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Terpy    6

last post here unless you guys wanna see more but i did fine tuning and its much more coherent now:


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