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Pocky.    43

Welp since I'm already here, hello I'm Pocky. Most players call me "Pocky Slush or Jan." 
Pocky with the dot, the biggest dots.  

If you see me trolling in yell half the time I'm on, it's 100% shiz and giggles. 
I joined this server about 2 weeks in ish? Never really had time to 100% introduce myself. 

My actual name is Jan, I am currently majoring in Biotechnology and will be attending University for Wildlife Biology and Conservation in 2023 lel. 
I am an aspiring DJ who will be trying to build a mixture of REZZ and Porter, hopefully. 
I am currently trying to relearn art so that I could create my tattoo for when I actually plan to get it, so give me your ideas of the tattoos that you want to get on yourself. 

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm horrible with this but hello I am Jan. The End.
Also, side note: Come join Discord Voice Chat and join in on the fun of people laughing their arses off. 


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