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Ntho Skiller💛


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so ive been around for a decent amount of time. never made a forums intro so here it is

im a chef that works in senior living making food for old people, and i spend my free time playing games, watching anime and going to the gym at this point.

i hope to be around as long as i can be and love the server and its community. its been the best since ive joined with amazing players and staff

also i spend a decent amount of time in vc on the discord with lots of other people, always a great time

Had to edit so I could add this part, I never really thought that I'd be such a big part I'm the community, but I'm so glad I took a shot at staff with barely and qualifications and so glad shifty and Kev took a shot with me as staff. If not I don't know if I'd been able to experience the amazing simp family we have. Love all you guys. ❤️ #simpgang. I know some will come and go. But I hope we all get to experience the time together as long as we can.

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Pocky.    43

Give me food, pics of food. LOTS OF FOOD. For I am Jan and wants to eat food because I am old, thank you for coming to my ted talk. 
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community, the server wouldn't be the same without you and everyone else. (': 

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