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Ganjaclown    8

Since I've seen most of the people introduce themselves I decided to ride with the wave.

First of all I hope y'all are safe and that you're doing okay even though It's hard times with this corona virus.

My actual name Is Ozan and I am 20 years old, I am playing video games most of the time at the moment since I lost my job during this pandemic.

I would say I am a guy with big ambitions and big dreams that always looks for possibilities in advancing forward in life

I've been around the server for a while under the name (Ganjaclown) I have really been enjoying my time here on the server since It's a great community and I am looking forward to see the server grow further. I am not the best writer when It comes to these kind of stuff so this will basically be it.

Big ups to the staffs that put in their effort in the server and big ups to all the players that make this community a great and friendly place, Looking forward to meet you all in game and in the server discord


Best Regards Ganjaclown! ❤️



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Ganjaclown    8
17 minutes ago, Stickle said:

Hehe better late than never! Welcome to Simplicity, I'm glad you're loving it! We have a great community here :P

Cheers Stickle

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Ganjaclown    8
24 minutes ago, Ntho skiller said:

well have a late welcome to the server, glad to have ya around

Cheers Ntho

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Pogo    7

Hey Ozan! I've seen you around but it's nice to read a bit about you.

What type of work did you do pre-pandemic? Sorry to hear you lost your job because of it.

I hope you're doing well and staying safe also!

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