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Spec Restore Noted/Reusable Item

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Slowasshonda    46

Option #1 - So Currently the only was to get spec restores is in the ::di store, which is fine but can we please have a way to note them like the other pots. 

Option #2 - Add a new item in game that works similar to the imbued heart, but instead of raising magic bonus, restore part or special attack. Can keep it the same far how often it works, either can restore special every 30 seconds like pot does, or full restore special but have like a 5 mins wait.


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Ak 47    9
1 minute ago, Slowasshonda said:

@ CCSKsrB.pngAk 47 Suggested a magic potato


Similar to what they use on normal rs on streams. 

This item would be very useful especially for players that boss frequently. 

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