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sAMMYk    38
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Hello everyone,

my name is Sam, I am 24 yo, from Lithuania but moved to Germany. Currently studying to be a nurse - almost 1.5 years in (out of 3). Been playing RS/RSPS for as long as I can remember and after a long pause I've decided to get back into this nostalgic game. I know you probably can't be bothered to read a Novel so if you have any question feel free to ask either here or directly as in PM or in-game: sammyk :)

Much love and see you in game.


P.S. I love sketching and playing around with Photoshop if i get a chance, also started doing graffiti - my new hobby apart from sketching.

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Ntho💛    95

Hey welcome to the server, always glad to have new people. If you got any questions about the game you can pm me anytime you see me on :). Also you can start an art thread if you want to show off the stuff you've done so far. Hope you enjoy the server and it's community. ❤️

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Ruben    4

Welcome Sammy! Hope to see/talk to you ingame!

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