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Simplicity's Monthly Vote Event - April

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 Simplicity's Official Monthly voting event!

April Event!

Hello Simp gang.

Here at Simplicity, we would like to award the top 5 most enthusiastic and engaging playes each month for taking their time, and use their support on voting on our server on the toplists, its a thing that really means alot to us and helps us grow. Therefor each month we will be handing out 5 rewards for the top 5 most voted people on the server per month, each month will have different rewards than the previous.

First Place winner will also recieve an #1 Voter of the month Award on their Forum account to display their achievement.


voterofthemonth.png  ---> 1631b23b99f67fb43768a172718c7003.png


Goodluck everyone!

1st Place Winner: $100 Dollar Scroll

 2nd Place Winner:$50 Dollar Scroll

3rd Place Winner: $50 Dollar Scroll

4th Place Winner: $20 Dollar scroll

5th Place Winner: $20 Dollar scroll






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