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Hey, I'm Adopted!

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Adopted    1

Hey everyone, I'm Adopted! (No pun intended)

I'm just here to introduce myself as a new players as of yesterday.

I'm a 6 year+ veteran on from a different server that recently died out.

After days of looking, Simplicity seem to have caught my interest! Not only is the staff and community in-game seem absolutely amazing, but the forums seem active which is a huge plus for me! 

Looking forward to playing with some of you!

Thanks for reading. 😁

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sAMMYk    35

Welcome to Simplicity! Sorry to hear that after such a long time you gotta move borders, but i hope you are going to enjoy your stay here :)

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Timebrawler    1

Hey friend welcome to the forums side, I'm also a forums peep honestly can't get enough of it. Hope you enjoy your stay though :0 

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